Our Team
Follower of Christ.  Husband to Lesli.  Dad to Conner (23) and Nathan (18).  Pastor at Southwood since 2012.  Alumni of OBU and Southwestern Seminary.  A once-in-a-while runner.  Solid card player.  Victim of car theft…while changing the church sign.  (true story)  Talented singer.  (not true)  Proud pastor to a great church family.       
Favorite Bible verse John 18:4, “So Jesus, knowing all the things that were coming upon Him, WENT FORTH…”  He knew what He would suffer and WENT FORTH anyway. 
A sermon excerpt from our pastor: Jesus Himself said that when He is lifted up, He will draw all people to Himself.  But because we don’t trust Jesus to do what He says He will do, or believe that He is who He said He is, we take matters into our own hands and draw up programs, methods and strategies that we hope might draw people to God.  But Jesus could not have been clearer; the only begotten Son of God is THE DRAW.  
Worship Pastor
Jimmy and his family joined the Southwood fellowship in July of 2005.  Through Jimmy and Lori, God has produced three great kids and two practically perfect grandkids.  One of Jimmy’s strongest desires is for the church to see Christ as supreme in all things and for the church to share this amazing truth with those who do not yet see it.              
(Switching to 1st person, now)  I also wish that I was never selfish, arrogant, prideful, impatient, or covetous, so others could always see Christ in me.  Christ is our highest prize, the Light of the World, and through repentance and faith in Him, our only way to Heaven.  Really, nothing on earth can satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts; not even the Cubs winning the World Series; and I cried when that happened.  If you want real joy, real peace, and real love, you’ll find those only in Christ Jesus.  Obi-wan kenobi is NOT our only hope.  Christ is.         
Jason Young 
Student Pastor 
Lauren Anderson  
Children’s Minister (interim)