Save the l
Disciple the saved
Worship God everyday.
what’s happening
Small Groups
Sunday mornings @ 9:30
Join us in the Student Center this Sunday.    
Fields of Faith 
Oct. 10 – Union High School
Student-led event challenging every student to follow Jesus Christ.  An athletic field is used to provide a neutral rally point where students can come together for worship and testimonies.    
Fall Retreat 2018
Oct. 17-19.  
Here are clues about the retreat.  Good luck!
UNdisclosed.  UNinterrupted.  UNforgettable.  UNforeseen.  UNcomfortable.  UNderwater.  UNdergo.  UNafraid.  UNlike.  UNwant.  UNfollow.  UNcover. 
Sign up in the student center!  
the bridge
Wednesdays 6:30-8pm in the student center. The night begins with recreation/games, followed by praise and worship,
Bible study and more games to close out the evening. 
The Bridge is our ‘open door’ for students to bring friends
to Jesus Christ. 
Sundays 4:30 -5:45.  Student-led, small group setting
for students who want to go deeper in discipleship
and relationship building.  Topics include: 
Biblical leadership, world religions and
how to share our faith.  Core meets during
  the school year. 
   Sunday Morning Small Groups
                  9:30am Student Center. Students gather in a Large Group  setting first. 
Our Student Pastor teaches the Word of God, then our students discuss
and apply the message to their lives with the help of an
adult small group leader.                                         
Our students have served literally all over the world.  Whether it is painting in Tulsa, landscaping in Denver, distributing food in Phoenix, organizing a warehouse in San Antonio, or sharing God’s love to the children in Rwanda, our students willingly, actively love to do ministry.  
Our students love to hang out together!  From volleyball to ultimate frisbee to CiCi’s to Josh’s Snow Shack, you can find them out and about around Tulsa in bunches.  We value, promote and live out unity!

Falls Creek is the largest Christian Youth Camp in the world! And it is an absolute highlight of our year at Southwood! Our students worship, study, play, eat & compete with about 6000 others for one awesome week in late July!

DISCIPLENOW is a Winter tradition for our group. It is basically an “In-town Retreat” where we typically join multiple churches from all over the Tulsa area for a weekend of praise, Bible study, sleepovers and tons of fun!
want more info?
If you have any questions about our student ministry, please contact us at or 918.665.3744.