Special People, Special Olympics
Every year, over one hundred volunteers from the Southwood family serve in the annual Green Country Special Olympics.  It is the highlight of our year to serve some really special athletes and their families. 
Free lunch.  Free service.  Free gospel.  In 2018, Southwood formed a partnership with iPacesetters, a call center for AT&T, Spectrum and Sirius XM Radio.  On any given Monday or Tuesday, we provide a free lunch for 10-20 new “trainees” from iPacesetters.  Once lunch is finished, we offer a 10-minute gospel presentation.  Our goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with every new iPacesetters employee that we have the opportunity to serve.      
Windsong Apartments
Kids.  Yeah we love ’em.  Every Wednesday afternoon from 4-6pm, we open our gym for kids and students from Windsong Apartments.  The afternoon includes recreation (basketball, dodgeball, volleyball), snacks and tons of fellowship.  At 6pm, we feed every student and child dinner if they choose to stay for our Wednesday evening programming.  Transportation is provided.       
Kids Against Hunger
Southwood is a proud partner with Kids Against Hunger, an organization devoted to feeding the hungry all over the world.  From packing nourishment in a bag to financially supporting the efforts of KAH, we are committed to meet the needs of the hungry.     
Giving back is what we do.    
Hope Pregnancy Center
Tulsa Hospitality House
DaySpring Villa